The God Game

by Suzanne Bradbeer


PResented by Sonorous Road Productions



Tom is a Virginia Senator and rising star in the Republican Party. When a long-time family friend resurfaces and offers the opportunity of a lifetime, Tom faces a crisis of conviction while his marriage hangs precariously in the balance. The God Game is a play about faith and politics, marriage and friendship, choices and consequences.


David Hudson as TOM

Courtney Christison as LISA

Beau Clark as MATT


  • February 3rd - 4th @ 8PM
  • February 5th @ 3PM
  • February 10th - 11th @ 8PM
  • February 12th @ 3PM
  • February 13th at 8PM (INDUSTRY NIGHT)
    • $8 Pre-Sale Tickets
    • $10 at the Door
  • February 16th - 18th @ 8PM
  • February 19th @ 3PM
[The God Game] cannot fail to resonate with a modern audience.
— Curtain Up
A deeply satisfying, superbly acted exploration of personal values, honesty, integrity and accommodation within relationships, The God Game is the sort of new work that theater fans long to see… The play, by Suzanne Bradbeer, feels very much of the moment, contemporary and relevant in the best ways, and yet it also addresses eternal questions.
— Times-Union
...[In] Suzanne Bradbeer’s invigorating The God Game...the audience can never be sure what’s going to happen next, even in the very last seconds...wonderfully on-target contemporary use of language.
— The New York Times
I started thinking about this play during the Bush administration, started writing it during the Obama administration, and the Sonorous Road production will be the first one performed during the Trump administration...While these differences feel stark, at its heart, this is a play about family - a political family, to be sure. I grew up just up the road from Raleigh - if you’ll indulge me in calling Charlottesville, Virginia, ‘up the road’. And although this will be the tenth production of ‘The God Game’, it will be the first in the region of the country that ‘raised’ me. I’m thrilled!
— Suzanne Bradbeer, Playwright