Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Lucinda Gainey

Bare Theatre stages the final chapter of Shakespeare’s second “Henriad” – the tetralogy that begins with Henry VI, parts 1, 2, and 3.

Picking up right where we left off in Henry VI: The War of the Roses, Edward of York has become King Edward IV of England, and period of peace ensues…for a time. Edward’s younger, deformed brother Richard, grows restless and has designs on the throne. A master manipulator, he begins to plot and scheme against his own brothers and their families in a nefarious attempt to take the crown for himself. Gross ambition leads to a time of terror and no one is safe.

Under the direction of Lucinda Gainey, Bare Theatre continues the post-apocalyptic theme of Henry VI. Cast members will have a hand in designing and building their own-costumes to create the DIY look of a shattered society.

Showtimes / Tickets

Friday, Nov 4 – 8pm
Saturday, Nov 5 – 8pm
Sunday, Nov 6 –2pm

Friday, Nov 11 – 8pm
Saturday, Nov 12 – 8pm
Sunday, Nov 13 –2pm

Friday, Nov 18 – 8pm
Saturday, Nov 19 – 8pm
Sunday, Nov 20 –2pm

$18 Adult, $15, Senior/Military, $10 Student