Actor Spotlight on Courtney Christison

In ten words or less, what is The God Game about?

Navigating religion within politics & marriage in life.

Courtney Christison plays Lisa in The God Game at Sonorous Road Productions opening February 3rd. 

Courtney Christison plays Lisa in The God Game at Sonorous Road Productions opening February 3rd. 

Tell us about your character.

Lisa is a beautiful example of a well written female character. She's anything but one dimensional. She's devout, conservative, liberal, compassionate, sexy, fun, serious, loving, and fiercely loyal.

What other productions in the Triangle have you been in that our audiences may have seen?

My most recent triangle credits include the Doctor's Wife in TIP's A Christmas Carol, Grotilde in the WTF's Thunderbodies, Lucetta in Bare Theatre's Two Gentlemen of Verona and Hannah in Cary Player's Crossing Delancey.

What has been your favorite part of working on this production?

Navigating and delving into these three character's lives has been fascinating and quite the rewarding challenge. Trying to pinpoint why they react in certain ways, how the past is coloring their present life and hashing out their personal relationship with each other has been wonderful! 

What makes The God Game relevant today and why should audiences come and see this play?

A few things immediately come to mind:   1. This play does not take sides. It doesn't tell you what you should think or how you should feel and when it comes to politics these days everyone is doing a ton of talking but no one is doing any listening. This play is a beautiful opportunity to see the humanity behind why people believe what they do and causes us to pause, listen and ingest that.  2. It's just good. The writing is wonderful- witty and intelligent. You're going to enjoy yourself and you're also going to be touched.  3. This is a phenomenal opportunity to support women in theatre. Other than myself we have a female director, it was written by a female playwright, we have a female producer, female carpenters- such a wonderful chance to show women in theatre your support!