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2015/2016 Main Stage Productions


by Amy Herzog


October 8-18, 2015


Young Americans Zack and Abby have the perfect ex-pat life in Paris: a funky bohemian apartment in up-and-coming Belleville; a stable marriage; and Zack's noble mission to fight pediatric AIDS. But when Abby finds Zack at home one afternoon when he's supposed to be at work, the questions and answers that follow will shake the foundation of their seemingly beautiful life.



Triangle Arts & Entertainment:

Belleville is much more dramatic, or rather melodramatic, than a simple unraveling of a relationship. Herzog wants to show you the hopelessness and rage that can spiral out of the stresses of everyday living... Belleville is funny. It’s suspenseful. It’s mock-shocking, then genuinely horrifying.
— New Haven Theatre Jerk
“Ms. Herzog’s thrillingly good play, confirms her reputation as one of the brightest new talents in the theater. It is rare for a young playwright to be in such confident command of all the theater’s resources as Ms. Herzog is here…among the most suspenseful plays I’ve seen in years”
— New York Times

The Artists




by George Brandt


Original Run: 10-20 December 2015
Encore: 18-20 March 2016


From the award-winning playwright of Elephant's Graveyard, George Brant, comes the story of an ace fighter pilot whose career in the sky is ended early due to an unexpected pregnancy. Reassigned to operate military drones from a windowless trailer outside Las Vegas, she hunts terrorists by day and returns to her family each night.

As the pressure to track a high-profile target mounts, the boundaries begin to blur between the desert in which she lives and the one she patrols half a world away.



News & Observer

Triangle Arts & Entertainment


Grounded speaks eloquently to the costs of war
— News & Observer
Wells keeps us strapped into this nightmarish odyssey all the way
— INDY Week
Wow! All We Can Say Is Wow!...a stunning journey
— Triangle Review

2015/2016 Second Stage & Student Productions

Anne of Green Gables

By Michelle Murray Wells


19-22 May 2016


Anne Shirley, the bright and spunky red headed orphan, knew she was home as soon as she saw the white farmhouse called Green Gables. But, to everyone's surprise, she was not exactly what the Cuthberts ordered. Should they send her back to the orphanage just because she's not a girl?


Triangle Arts & Entertainment

Sonorous Road Productions’ Students Get an A+ for Their Performances in Anne of Green Gables
— Triangle Review

Open Doors
Short Play Festival


17-26 June 2016


Open Doors: A Festival of New Works celebrates local talent with a collection of 10-minute plays selected by submissions from Triangle-area playwrights and directed, produced, and acted by local cast and crew.

Plays in order of the performance:

  • Imperfect Strangers by Allan Maule Directed by Andy Hayworth
  • Disaster Division by Rebecca Bossen Directed by Tony Lea
  • A Gift From God by Brook North Directed by Jon Todd
  • 11:50 by Ian Finely Directed by Tanner Lagasca
  • To Have and Not Hold by Gus Allen Directed by Andy Hayworth
  • Eugene Christ by Connor Gerney Directed by Lorelei Lemon
  • Drusilla is Dead by Katy Koop Directed by Sarah Koop
  • Objectively by Allan Maule Directed by Andy Hayworth
  • The Acolyte by John Paul Middlesworth Directed by Phoebe 
  • Interrogation by Brook North Directed by Lorelei Lemon



Triangle Arts & Entertainment

Full casts and synopses

Imperfect Strangers by Allan Maule     Directed by Andy Hayworth
Featuring Zak Casca and Diana Cameron McQueen
In this battle of the sexes, a woman confronts a man for his misogynistic attitude and both learn that the other is more than just a walking stereotype.  

Disaster Division by Rebecca Bossen  Directed by Tony Lea
Featuring Page Purgar, Rebecca Bossen, and Chris Milner
A mix up in the office in charge of pairing soulmates leads to surprising personal discoveries.  

A Gift From God by Brook North   Directed by Jon Todd
Featuring Chelsey Winstead, Elena Mulligan, Kat Lanier Froehlich, Liam Yates
A starving village pleads to God for sustenance but the “God” who appears has ulterior motives.

11:50 by Ian Finley  Directed by Tanner Lagasca
Featuring Dustin Alexander Walker, Ted Willis, Thomas Porter, and Grayson Giugno
Ten minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve, a couple says hello and good-bye.

To Have and to Not Hold by Gus Allen   Directed by Andy Hayworth
Featuring Will Sanders, Lorelei Lemon, and Diana Cameron McQueen
A broken dream and an emotionally manipulative mother leave one couple on the edge.

Eugene Christ by Connor Gerney  Directed by Lorelei Lemon
Featuring Oscar Sindemark, Will Cannon, Olivia Olsen, Natalie Olinger, David Snee, Mike Rumble, Parker Perry, Connor Gerney, Thom Haynes, Janessa Baldina, and Rose Davis. 
A modern re-telling of the Gospel, Eugene is just trying to get through high school which becomes difficult as expectations of him mount.  

Drusilla is Dead by Katy Koop   Directed by Sarah Koop
Featuring Victoria Mitchell and Alex Hubbell
Based on the play Caligula by Albert Camus, two siblings wrestle with power, death, and the moon.   

Objectively by Allan Maule   Directed by Andy Hayworth
Featuring Thom Haynes, Mike Rumble, and Kat Lanier Froehlich
After a break in, one man is frantic, the other is tied to a chair. Who is the real victim?

The Acolyte by John Paul Middlesworth   Directed by Phoebe Dillard
Featuring Kurt Benrud and Connor Gerney
A pastor and a college-bound young man discuss a shared secret.   

Interrogation by Brook North  Directed by Lorelei Lemon
Featuring Seth Blum, Mike Fox (23-26), Michelle Wells (17-18), Josh Wells, Jon Wright
A Lieutenant is sent to Guantanamara Bay to make sure that the prisoners held there receive a fair trial, but the Colonel in charge of the facility sees things differently.  

Guys & Dolls Jr.

Story and Characters by Damon Runyon

Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser

Book by Abe Burrows & Jo Swerling


July 14-17, 2016


Relive the story of gangsters, gamblers, and other interesting characters from 1920's New York in this family friendly adaptation!


  • Sarah Brown: Ella Snapp
  • Arvide Abernathy: Tucker Jessup
  • Calvin: Camden Ross
  • Brannigan: Jordanne Cochrane 
  • Nathan Detroit: Arel Marsh
  • Miss Adelaide: Hannah Smith
  • Sky Masterson: Preston Smith
  • Hot Box Girls: Audrey Jones, Kat Wright, and Emma Wright
  • General Cartwright: Isabella Tarsitano 
  • Nicely Nicely: Elizabeth Snapp
  • Benny Southstreet: Aren Marsh
  • Rusty Charlie: Andrew Farmer
  • Harry the Horse: Damien Tomczyk
  • Big Jule: Addison Selna


by Duncan MacMillan


Lungs Sonorous Road Poster Email.png


9 - 25 September, 2016


In a time of global anxiety, terrorism, erratic weather and political unrest, a young couple want a child but are running out of time. If they over think it, they’ll never do it. But if they rush, it could be a disaster. How do modern couples navigate parenthood and responsibilities large and small when so much seems left to chance in this rapidly changing world?

Directed by Tony Lea and featuring Michelle Murray Wells and Jonathan King.

Duncan Macmillan’s distinctive, off-kilter love story is brutally honest, funny, edgy and current. It gives voice to a generation for whom uncertainty is a way of life... bravely written, startlingly structured
— The Guardian

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News & Observer:


Triangle Review:

Triangle Review:


Duncan is a writer and director. Former Writer in Residence at Paines Plough and the Royal Exchange Theatre, he has written extensively for theatre in addition to working in radio, television and film.
Awards include: UK Theatre Award for Best Director (with Rob Icke for 1984), Best New Play at the Off West End Awards, 2013; the Big Ambition Award, Old Vic 2009; the Pearson Prize, 2008 and runner-up in the JMK Directing Award, 2010. Duncan was also the recipient of two awards in the inaugural Bruntwood Playwriting Competition, 2006 and his work with director Katie Mitchell has been selected for Theatertreffen and the Avignon Festival. Both 1984 and People Places and Things received Olivier Award nominations for Best New Play.

Duncan’s thoughts on Lungs: “I found myself worrying about...things and I didn’t know the solution,” he says, discussing the “anxiety debt” that his generation has inherited. “Putting characters on stage who talk about those anxieties makes them quite absurd. And they are. It is absurd that you can have a conversation now about whether or not you want to start a family and at the same time you can be talking about the industrial revolution.”



6 - 23 October, 2016


Bare Theatre and Sonorous Road Productions present EverScape, an original script by local playwright Allan Maule, running October 6 - 23, 2016.

EverScape debuted at the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival receiving critical acclaim with Theater In The Now declaring, “EverScape is a stunning visual explosion that brings the gaming world to life.”

EverScape follows four New Yorkers who are stuck in the day-to-day realities and complex challenges of life.  Their escape - team up online to play their favorite fantasy video game.  When EverScape Inc. offers them the chance to play their way to jobs as game developers, the lines between reality and the virtual world start to blur.